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For our runner profiles, we have five questions directed to our members, aimed at giving our supporters a bit more information about where they stand in regards to their training and fundraising. Our sixth runner profile is on Luke Simpson.

Q1. “What is your motivation behind joining the RUN21 campaign?”

Luke: I am hoping for two main outcomes. 1: To be an inspiration for my kids and wife. 2: To be a part of this great cause and willing to go through what will no doubt be a lot of pain, but in the hope that families get some well-needed support and assistance in their battle with autism.

 Q2. “Is this your first running event?”

Luke: No.

Q3. “Do you have a specific goal set for the event?”

Luke: To be able to finish and know that my pain will be somebody’s gain.

Q4. “What kind of training regimen do you have?”

Luke: Run, run, run……… 🙂

Q5. “Do you have a life motto or motivation to share with us?”

Luke: Do or do not…there is no try….(Yoda)

Thanks very much to Luke for taking part in our sixth runner profile! If you would like to sponsor Luke, or another member of the RUN21 team, please visit


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