Farewell to Marcus


Unfortunately, team member Marcus Claxton has withdrawn from the RUN21 team. We are very sorry to see Marcus leave us, but we wish him all the very best with his continued fitness training.

That leaves our team at seventeen and we still need your help to reach our $21,000 fundraising target for the Luke Priddis Foundation!

We have only 2 weeks to go until our event! If you can help, please visit our fundraiser page at www.everydayhero.com.au/run21 and make a donation today!

Every little bit goes a long way to helping families living with Autism Spectrum Disorders.


Training Vid: Long Runs

Video on long runs…

Fundraising Totals

Have you have been wondering why the fundraising totals on this blog and our RUN21 fundraiser page are different? Well, if you have, wonder no more!

The everydayhero fundraiser page lists online donations ONLY. This blog, however, is updated manually, and so it includes ALL donations made; online, cash, cheque etc.

Hence, the correct total will be the one on this blog, which is updated every few days at least.

If you would like to add your donation to these totals, please visit www.everydayhero.com.au/run21



Thank You and Farewell Jeff


We regret to announce that team member Jeff Corcoran has had to withdraw from the RUN21 team due to unforseen circumstances. We wish Jeff all the best with his future endeavours, and wish to thank him for his fundraising efforts thus far.

On a more positive note, Jeff’s employer, Ausgrid, has kindly made a donation of $300 to the RUN21 campaign! Thank you, Ausgrid, for such generosity.

If you would like to join our team, please email us at teamrun21@gmail.com. If you would like to make a donation, please visit www.everydayhero.com.au/run21.

Latest News


With five weeks of training and fundraising to go in our campaign, five RUN21 team members have either reached or exceeded their individual fundraising goal of $1000! Well done to Ric Burrell, Andrew Ferguson, Stacy Blythe, Luke Simpson and Barrie Fong!

Some members have only just joined the team, but are well on their way to reaching their fundraising and training goals as well! Our tally was given a boost today with a corporate donation of $500 from B.Braun Australia. Thanks so much, B.Braun!

Our runners are all at different levels of training, but some are now able to incorporate some longer runs each week, as their strength and stamina increase. RUN21 is on course for 20 May!

But, we need your help to get there! If you would like to support our campaign, please visit our fundraiser page www.everydayhero.com.au/run21


Nineteen Team Members!


Thank you and welcome to the latest person to join the RUN21 team, Mitch Grima!

Now the team has nineteen official members, with each runner training hard. Each member should be aiming to reach one 12km-14km run comfortably at this point in time, with shorter runs in the mix as well.

Fundraising is coming along as well, with over $6000 raised thus far. Well done to the RUN21 team!

Runner Profile: Barrie Fong

For our runner profiles, we have five questions directed to our members, aimed at giving our supporters a bit more information about where they stand in regards to their training and fundraising. Our tenth runner profile is on Barrie Fong.

Q1. “What is your motivation behind joining the RUN21 campaign?”

Barrie: I just want to do some good work for a great cause.

Q2. “Is this your first running event?”

Barrie: Technically yes, it is in terms of marathon or distance running, but I have been sport active all my life.

Q3. “Do you have a specific goal set for the event?”

Barrie: Just to do myself p.d and all the people that have sponsored me.

Q4. “What kind of training regimen do you have?”

Barrie: I play soccer and train every Tuesday, in addition to that I run around Parramatta Park 4 x a week. Which is 3.3km in distance, typically I do it twice.

Q5. “Do you have a life motto or motivation to share with us?”

Barrie: Always treat people with kindness, respect, love and understanding. That is what life should always be about.

Thanks very much to Barrie for taking part in our latest runner profile! If you would like to sponsor Barrie, or another member of the RUN21 team, please visit http://everydayhero.com.au/run21

RUN21 Running Well


To date, the RUN21 campaign has a total of eighteen runners, with over $6000 raised so far. Team members are hard at training; integrating longer runs into their training regimens. They are also hard at work raising awareness and fundraising for the campaign.  The team are training well, with minimum injuries!

So, how can you help? First and foremost, we would appreciate your spreading the word!!! You can tell people about our RUN21 blog, Facebook  page and everydayhero fundraiser page or even download a poster from this blog and print it out to display wherever you can!

In addition, we need at least 3 more members to complete our 21-runner team! If you would like to join the campaign, or know someone who can, please email the RUN21 admin at teamrun21@gmail.com and express your interest.

And of course, we would welcome a donation of any amount! You can donate on our everydayhero fundraiser page!

Thank you to all of our supporters!